Kelly Ellenz

Storyteller & Future Thinker


Kelly has worked in the credit union industry for over twenty years, fifteen of that in technology. In her current role, she is experimenting with weaving foresight into her company's culture, and exploring how to cultivate futures-thinking and foresight as a leadership skill by facilitating open-minded and inclusive but challenging discussions to build resiliency and confront assumptions and biases. Kelly is a thoughtful listener and observer, constructively curious, and a creative communicator who can convert complex ideas into consumable content. She uses storytelling to engage an audience and expand imaginations about possibilities. Kelly received her MBA from Wichita State University and is a Certified Foresight Practitioner, a Certified Strategy Planning Professional and a Certified Structured Fundamental Facilitator.

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Track Signals

A signal is something happening today that tells us how the future might be different. I track signals to identify emerging trends, and challenge biases. 

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Identify Emerging Trends

I group similar signals to identify emerging trends. Understanding emerging trends starts discussions about potential opportunities in the future. 

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Enable Strategic Decision-Making

Foresight creates a strategic advantage, by helping you proactively prepare for and create the future you want.